Baisakhi is the vibrant festival of Punjab. Punjab folk dance Bhangra and Gidda is the folk dance for men and women. Men and women wear brightly colored outfits to perform Bhangra and Gidda and these Bhangra dress and Gidda dress looks more attractive on the beat of Dhol.

Bhangra Dress


The Torla is a sign of pride for Sikh men and is worn with pride on top of their turban. It looks like a shape of a peacock who has spread its wings and the Bhangra performers are totally incomplete with a Torla.

Pag or Turban

Pag is worn by the men of the Sikh Family on daily basis but there is a special turban which is of vibrant beautiful colors that are worn on the festive time.


The Kaintha is a kind of necklace which is worn by men. It is usually gold color plated and the material is made of any metal. The importance of the Kaintha is such that there are few Punjabi songs that are solely dedicated to Kaintha.

Pathani Kurta

It’s a kurta but in a pathani style. It is a lot in fashion nowadays and does make a man look trendy and classy at the same time.

Chadar or Lungi

Chadar is very similar to lungi the only difference is it is a very colorful cloth wrapped around the waist. Chadar is also sometimes embroidered or decorated according to the choice.


The Ramal is the Punjabi term for the word ‘Rumal’which means handkerchief. It is usually tied around the wrist or wrist of the Bhangra or the Gidda performer. While performing on tunes of Punjabi song, it swirls that gives an amazing effect to the entire attire.


The jugi is just like the vest over the upper wear along with the Kaintha. The only difference between Nehru jacket and jugi is that it does not have buttons or pockets. It should match with the whole dress and you will look amazing.

Gidda Dress



In local it is also called Chunni, but in Gidda it is heavily embroidered to give an attractive look.

Raani Haar or Necklace

It is made of solid Gold having ornaments on it.  


It’s a jewellery, put on forehead


Paranda is a very famous thing in Punjab. Punjabi ladies wear it on their hairs and kind of braid tassels it along with their hair. Wearing a paranda makes a woman look very appealing and the plus point is that it makes the hair look really long.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez is a Punjabi suit that is worn by Punjabi ladies. On the festive time, they wear an expensive material salwar kameez which has vibrant and beautiful colors.


It’s a jewellery to be put on ears, it’s longer than normal ear rings

Suggi Phull

The Suggi Phull is a kind of mang tikka that Gidda performers wear on their head. It looks like a flower which is protruding out. It is made of any metal or comes in wide range of color of your choice.